As all our cakes are bespoke we do not have set prices.

Our naked and semi-naked cakes start at £425 for 3 tiers which would provide 120 wedding cake portions. These cakes have tiers which are all 4 layers of sponge high and are perfect decorated with fresh flowers and fruit.

Our fondant iced cakes, each tier being 5 inches high and finished with sharp edges, including ribbons, prices start at £375 for a 2 tiered cake (60 portions), £500 for a 3 tiered wedding cake (120 portions) and £625 for a 4 wedding tiered cake (160 portions). There are additional costs for handmade sugar craft flowers and some finishing techniques such as gold leaf.

Final prices will only be discussed once a consultation take place after designs have been made.

To book a FREE wedding cake consultation call Charlotte on 07817 397070.